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The Redback Business Skills Series is now in its fifth year. Essentially, it’s a way of us giving back to our active and engaged community while showcasing our webinar and webcasting platforms and the many features they have to offer. Anyone can join these online events and anyone can present. We’re always on the lookout for stimulating hosts to present on a range of topics!

Our events run every second Tuesday at 11:00 am – 11:45 am (AEDT) and are free to attend. Our first LIVE webcast for 2017 will kick off on Tuesday 21st February.

Upcoming Events

The Art of Public Speaking and Presenting Online

Date: Tuesday, 21st February 2017
Time: 11:00 am – 11:45 am AEDT
Presenter: Trish Springsteen
Host: Sara Gonzalez
Cost: Free of charge

In this webinar our panelists will discuss:

 How to gain the confidence to speak in groups
 Tips for engaging your audience
 How to effectively communicate 
 Getting your audience to take action 

On-Demand Webcasts

Bouncing Back with Confidence – A Mental Health Panel Disucssion

 Dealing with mental health issues
✚ Turning adversity into your greatest gift
✚ Finding genuine purpose within work constraints
✚ Leading a positive and fulfilling life

Emerging Themes in Mentoring – A Global Perspective

 Why organisations introduce and implement mentoring
✚ Mentoring applications
✚ How technology can manage mentoring programs
✚ Sustainability of mentoring programs

How to Stop Being a Lone Wolf and Build Teams for Greatness

 How to choose trustworthy and genuine people
✚ How to get the team to follow you and support you
✚ Know when to let someone go without burning the bridge
✚ How to avoid drama and crisis
✚ How to be a great leader and get the results you want

The Power of First Impressions – How to Create an Image with Impact

Did you know people make their visual judgement on you in the first 7 seconds? Do you have a personal style and do you wear it with confidence? Does your wardrobe align with who you are and who you represent? In this webcast we looked at:

In this webcast we uncovered:

 The first impression formula for success
How to create your unique style in 3 easy steps
✚ How to elevate your image with a wardrobe that works
✚ How to align your image with who you represent

Creating Compelling Content for the Online World

Creating compelling content for your webinars doesn’t have to be challenging.In this webcast discussion we uncovered tips and tricks for creating, promoting and recycling your content. It includes:

 What Why and How to webinar: Content and format
✚ Getting the word out: Promoting your content
✚ Data overload: How to nurture and convert your audience
✚ It’s over – now what? Tips for hosting on-demand content

Getting to Go: How to get your audience to take action

Do you have a great business, but sometimes feel like the world’s best kept secret? Are you doing everything you can to get your brand recognised?

In this webcast we uncovered:

 6 steps to creating a successful presentation or webinar
How to engage your audience in the first minute
✚ Why it’s not about having your audience “know” anything
✚ Why good design is critical

Boost Your Brand – How to Increase Your Influence and Income so You Can Make a Greater Impact

Do you have a great business, but sometimes feel like the world’s best kept secret? Are you doing everything you can to get your brand recognised?

In this webcast we uncovered:

 5 steps to having people want to do business with you
If your business really needs to be on social media
✚ Are you better off building a business or personal brand?
✚ 3 reasons businesses fail and how you can avoid them

We Need to Talk – How to handle difficult conversations

It’s human nature to try avoid difficult conversations regardless of how confident or competent we are. Learn how to turn your difficult conversations into positive and constructive problem-solving sessions with less stress and more success.

In this webcast we uncovered:

 What causes under-performance
Why difficult conversations need to be had
✚ How to deal with challenging conversations
✚ How to respond rather than reacting

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