Delivering More Engaging Virtual Events: Advice from Attendees

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Our experience at focuses on delivering the virtual events and virtual meetings on the highest quality standards as possible. This focus allows our clients to deliver engaging events. In a 2020 survey to our customers we have asked them to give their opinion on what an engaging virtual event is.

Through this survey, respondents provide wonderful insights on when, how often, and for how long they’re attending digital events.

Part of our methodology is to let respondents open questions in order to get a non-guided feedback from them. The open question this year was how organisers could make virtual events more engaging and here are the most important points from the survey.


1. They like it better when the technology is easy-to-use


“Ensure presenters are engaging, knowledgeable and there are no technical glitches.”

This is the answer of one of the respondents on this topic. In our experience as digital event organisers, a very good connectivity is critical for a high-quality event, especially for a live stream. In order to deliver the best event possible, try to test everything related to technology before the event, especially if you have remote presenters.

Usually our team advises a direct LAN connection compared to a simple WIFI connection because it’s much more reliable. During those tests, if you see that the video quality is an issue, switch to audio only because attendees favor good audio quality over video. If you want 100% reliability it’s event better to trust a studio provider like us to deliver your events. We offer local support and high-quality network to ensure your event runs smoothly.


2. They like it better when you present them relevant content


“Content is king. If it’s engaging, there is no reason that digital couldn’t replace physical events.”

Delivering the right content is important for an event. By choosing digital technology you can ask prior to your event what they attendees want to know about by using pre-event surveys or post-event questionnaires. This will make it easier for you to communicate on what you will be delivering and to deliver what you have promised to your audience.

When thinking about delivering the right content, think about your presenters. They need to be engaging and knowledgeable about webinar technology. Lucky for you, the amount of webinar presenters out there has grown substantially over the next few years.


3. They like it better when you mix virtual end physical


“One advantage of live events is that you can really engage all of the senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste… A few virtual careers fairs that I have been to could definitely be lifted with a bit of ‘crowd sound’, to make it seem like you are there in real life.”

By mixing virtual and physical component you can engage the senses of your attendees. This can be achieved by bringing a physical component into your virtual one like an Uber Eats voucher for your online lunch, a virtual awards night in which you deliver wine bottles. There are a lot of options out there and you just need a touch of creativity to boost the engagement of your audience.


4. They like it better when the presenters are trained


“Presenters need more information about the medium. Don’t just talk at the audience like you’re delivering a university lecture: keep it engaging, ask key questions of the audience and stimulate their thinking — don’t just present facts and figures.”

The way your content will be presented is key to building engagement. By asking questions to your audience you improve learning and retention. That’s why we advise our customers to build Q&A sessions into their webinars.

Using stunning visuals in a presentation will also help your audience retain the main information from your presentation. Make it easy to follow and easy to understand so that audiences can focus on remembering the main points.

In order for people to engage with your content you also need to touch them by using your creativity. Don’t settle for something easy or mainstream, think about other ways to present your content. You can use a different setup, a live broadcast from a webinar studio, integrate video questions from your audience or even get wild with our green screen.


5. They like it better with interaction


“I think the ability for attendees to interact with each other online is great – it would be fantastic to be able to interact further by liking, loving and smiling at individual attendee responses, like we can do on social media platforms.”

Social interaction is important for the success of your event. This is often the issue when planning a virtual event, attendees don’t get the same social interaction as a physical one. But there are solutions to this. You can let your attendees interact via social media, you can set up private chat rooms for attendees but also enable special chat features for everybody to communicate.


6. They want new technology integration


“Having virtual reality integration and/or holograms!”

Virtual events can incorporate new technologies like virtual or augmented reality into your presentation. The use of those technologies really depends on the attendees you focus on: are they ready to use these? When requesting feedback from your audience you can see if they are ready to use cutting edge technologies. Think about your budget and your creativity when organising events with those technologies built-in.

The team at offers managed digital events and conferencing solutions for customers, running more than 2500 events a year on our platform, from our studios or with our partners around Australia and NZ. Reach out by phone on the 1800 733 416 if we can help you run your next virtual event.

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