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Large-scale company events that don’t strain your network

It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to communicate well and often with remote and dispersed workforces to share objectives and maintain motivation and morale at a difficult time. 

But All-Hands company updates and Town Halls can severely disrupt an organisation’s internal network. When you stream video content to hundreds of your employees, they all hit your network at the same time. 

This causes a spike in your enterprise internet usage, creating network congestion, impacting network performance, sparking outages and delivering a poor end-user experience. 

Redback’s Enterprise P2P Streaming solution solves network congestion by ensuring every end user has an excellent experience without impacting upon network performance.


What is Enterprise Streaming?

Enterprise P2P Streaming is a browser-based streaming solution that uses peer-to-peer technology to enable video content to be shared across an internal network.

Enterprise P2P Streaming automatically scales with demand by using computing resources that are already available in the network.

Whereas typical streaming sees each individual user request video content directly from your server, Enterprise P2P Streaming enables viewers to fetch video segments from different sources, such as nearby peers from within the same local network.

This enables large numbers of users to simultaneously view streaming video without creating network congestion. Using this hybrid P2P architecture, Enterprise P2P Streaming minimises the load on your ISP connection, reducing bandwidth consumption and ensuring a quality experience for all.


How does Enterprise Streaming work?

Redback’s Enterprise P2P Streaming doesn’t require additional hardware or software, which makes deployment quick and easy. 

By leveraging the standardised HTML5 WebRTC API, the solution runs seamlessly on all major browser platforms including Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari, with no plug-ins or installs required. 

Because only standard HTML5 APIs are used and no additional software is required, any employee with a modern browser can seamlessly participate in the video stream.

Enterprise P2P Streaming works on top of existing media servers and streaming protocols (HLS or DASH). An origin server or CDN can be used without any configuration changes. No special networking configuration is required. The system operates with standard HTTP and WebRTC only.


How secure is Enterprise P2P Streaming?

Redback’s Enterprise P2P Streaming solution does not interfere with DRM/stream encryption because the video segments sent between users are exactly the same as the segments that users receive from the HTTP server. 

It doesn’t compromise the stream in any way since the only users that can view the stream (and share segments with each other) are the ones who have been authenticated and authorised by the HTTP server and have received a decryption key from the server. 

Decryption keys are never transferred through the network. Video content is also never stored locally or in any persistent data storage.

So it’s easy to ensure users have a great viewing experience without having to change the company’s internal internet network/policy.

Are you ready to stream live video seamlessly to all?

Communicating across distance has never been easier with our Enterprise P2P Streaming solution!

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Live Streaming starts from $2,499

Studio Broadcasts start from $2,499

Peer-to-Peer Streaming is available on all events

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