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The Redback Business Skills Series is now in its fifth year. Essentially, it’s a way of us giving back to our active and engaged community while showcasing our webinar and webcasting platforms and the many features they have to offer. Anyone can join these online events and anyone can present. We’re always on the lookout for stimulating hosts to present on a range of topics!

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On-Demand Webcasts

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Developing Your Careers Most Important Asset – You!

In this webcast we uncovered:

 6 key areas of continuing professional development
– Designing a plan
– Personal knowledge management
– Personal learning networks

Digital Events – Tips, Trends and The Current Landscape

In this webcast we uncovered:

The results from the 2017 Redback Report
–  The power of on-demand content
–  Tips for making money from your webinars
–  The difference your presenters can make

International Women’s Day Special Webcast

This special International Women’s Day 2017 Webcast looked at how the new Federal Government Omnibus Bill will impact women and children and what they can do about it. In particular:

 How budget changes will be funded
 Family Tax Benefits
 Australian maternity leave standards

The Three Sides of Social Impact

In this webcast we uncovered:

 What is social impact
– What global and local search says
– How people like us are driving the social impact revolution
– Advances in social and environmental good
– What are the risks if we don’t do it well?
– How can ‘social good’ partnerships’ flourish

The Art of Public Speaking and Presenting Online

In this webcast we uncovered:

Finding your story and leveraging it online
– The value of knowing your microniche and audience
– How to add public speaking skills and storytelling
– How to organise a simple presentation from scratch
– Simple, effective techniques to add passion and connect!

The Creative Thinking Sandpit

In this webcast we uncovered:

 The value of creative thinking in the workplace
– Language that empowers creative thinking
– Easy ways to enrich and enhance creative thinking talents
– The role of creative thinking within design thinking

Taking Your CPD Programs Online

In this webcast we uncovered:

 Tips for creating your Online CPD Programs
– Blended approach – How to accommodate F2F programs
– Tracking presence and engagement with online tools
– Reporting – what you have access to and how to use it
– How to make money and promote future events

Bouncing Back with Confidence – A Mental Health Panel Discussion

 Dealing with mental health issues
– Turning adversity into your greatest gift
– Finding genuine purpose within work constraints
– Leading a positive and fulfilling life

Emerging Themes in Mentoring – A Global Perspective

 Why organisations introduce and implement mentoring
– Mentoring applications
– How technology can manage mentoring programs
– Sustainability of mentoring programs

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