Simulcast your virtual event live on Facebook

Mobilise your community

Connect with your community and reach a wider audience by streaming your webinars and webcasts live on your corporate Facebook page.

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Amplify your webcast with social streaming and sharing

Redback customers are now able to simulcast their virtual events on Facebook Live Video, enabling your broader social network to engage with your brand, building trust and loyalty, in their channel of choice.

Extend your Reach

Extend Your Reach

Facebook, which has more than 16 million monthly active Australian users, favours real-time streams over non-live videos. Reach a wider audience and take advantage of Facebook’s social sharing capabilities by simulcasting your Redback virtual event.

Maximise your Engagement

Maximise Engagement

Attract up to three times as many views as on-demand videos with live simulcasts on Facebook. Respond to Facebook interactions in your live Redback stream, boosting engagement and building deeper relationships with your social followers.

Increase your Conversion

Increase Conversion

Simulcast your Redback webinars and webcasts live on Facebook to increase brand recall and conversion without the cost of creating additional content. Compare analytics on both platforms to learn how to better customise your content for your social channels.

Facebook Simulcasting

How does Facebook simulcasting work?

Virtual events and webcasts are usually simulcast on Facebook in conjunction with a Redback stream. Create a Facebook event on your corporate Facebook page or profile and Redback will stream your webcast or webinar content into that event.

Access the functionality, views and social amplification available on the world’s largest social network when you simulcast your Redback live video stream to Facebook.

Ready to reach a wider audience with a Facebook simulcast?

Contact Redback to learn more about simulcasting your Redback webcasts and webinars live on Facebook and your other social channels, maximising reach, engagement and conversion and amplifying your brand without the cost of creating new content.

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