Inform, Educate + Increase Stakeholder Engagement

Australian Government Agencies choose complete Managed Webinar and Webcast solutions because they maximise their productivity and simplify the end user experience.

The Redback Managed Webinar and Webcast services are designed for agencies seeking an engaging, interactive solution for delivering high-quality communications – live or on-demand.

Applications for Webinars and Webcasts include:
Internal Communications, External Communications, Roadshows, Events, Policy Updates, Leadership Training, Grants, Stakeholder Education.

For further information please contact Isaac Hananiah at or phone 02 8014 5152

On-Demand Webcasts

The Three Sides of Social Impact

In this webcast we uncovered:

✚ What is social impact
✚ What global and local search says
✚ How people like us are driving the social impact revolution
✚ Advances in social and environmental good
✚ What are the risks if we don’t do it well?
✚ How can ‘social good’ partnerships’ flourish

The Art of Public Speaking and Presenting Online

In this webcast we uncovered:

✚ Finding your story and leveraging it online
✚ The value of knowing your microniche and audience
✚ How to add public speaking skills and storytelling
✚ How to organise a simple presentation from scratch
✚Simple, effective techniques to add passion and connect!

The Creative Thinking Sandpit

In this webcast we uncovered:

✚ The value of creative thinking in the workplace
✚ Language that empowers creative thinking
✚ Easy ways to enrich and enhance creative thinking talents
✚The role of creative thinking within design thinking

Taking Your CPD Programs Online

In this webcast we uncovered:

✚ Tips for creating your Online CPD Programs
✚ Blended approach – How to accommodate F2F programs
✚ Tracking presence and engagement with online tools
✚ Reporting – what you have access to and how to use it
✚How to make money and promote future events

Bouncing Back with Confidence – A Mental Health Panel Disucssion

✚ Dealing with mental health issues
✚ Turning adversity into your greatest gift
✚ Finding genuine purpose within work constraints
✚ Leading a positive and fulfilling life

Emerging Themes in Mentoring – A Global Perspective

✚ Why organisations introduce and implement mentoring
✚ Mentoring applications
✚ How technology can manage mentoring programs
✚ Sustainability of mentoring programs

How to Stop Being a Lone Wolf and Build Teams for Greatness

✚ How to choose trustworthy and genuine people
✚ How to get the team to follow you and support you
✚ Know when to let someone go without burning the bridge
✚ How to avoid drama and crisis
✚ How to be a great leader and get the results you want

The Power of First Impressions – How to Create an Image with Impact

Did you know people make their visual judgement on you in the first 7 seconds? Do you have a personal style and do you wear it with confidence? Does your wardrobe align with who you are and who you represent? In this webcast we looked at:

In this webcast we uncovered:

✚ The first impression formula for success
✚ How to create your unique style in 3 easy steps
✚ How to elevate your image with a wardrobe that works
✚ How to align your image with who you represent