How to Improve your business communication

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Business communication is often overlooked as an area open for improvement. One of our customers, the Franchise Council Australia hosted a digital panel on this topic during their National Franchise Convention in 2019.

The goal was to get better and to understand how to communicate with franchisees. Our Head of Support, Daniel Kim was invited to join and discuss the current issues facing franchisors and some strategies that are helping them gain breakthrough and engagement.
Daniel was joined by Amber Manning from Just Cuts Salons, Drew Eide from Jamaica Blue Cafe, and Evan Forster from Signarama.

During this panel, some very good questions and discussions emerged and we can give you the following key takeaways if you want to improve your business communication internally or externally to your partners.


1. Strategise and Plan

You need a business communication strategy in order to know what needs to be communicated to whom and how. Some communications are minor enough to be communicated by email and some need more involvement. It is important to know the methods and frequency of different types of communication to ensure that your message is received and acted upon.


2. Consistence is key


Consistence helps building expectations. When you are planning communication on a consistent basis at the same time each week or month, you are building a routine on which people can plan. It will also increase the chance of the audience engaging and opening the communication.



3. Stay Human


Even though marketing automation is often used and makes it easy to communicate faster to more people, you should always try and stay human in your messaging. This will also make it easier for your audience to engage with you.


4. Timing is everything


Don’t be scared to A/B test your different communications. It’s the best way to compare and see what the best time is to reach your audience. Even though general statistics exist in order to determine if one day is better than the other, every industry is different. It is worth asking your audience when they want to receive their communication.


5. Test on all channels


Today, the number of different touchpoints on which you can reach your audience is huge. Some will work better with a type of audience and some won’t but overall it pays to be present on multiple channels. Once again, every industry is different but you can choose amongst the following channels:

– Email Newsletters and Single Announcements/ Updates
– Teleconference or web conference meetings
– SMS/ Text messages to mobile phones
– Face-to-Face meetings and conferences
– Business event
– Paper mail, magazines, or newsletters
– Product Software/ Intranet popups

It pays to reflect and plan on your business communication. By staying consistent in your messaging you will increase your engagement and get more from your audience.

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