How to promote your On-Demand Content

promoting on demand webcasts


In content marketing there is a rather known fact that you should put 95% of your energy on promoting your content rather than creating it.

If you invest time, money and resources in creating amazing content, you should also invest the same energy in promoting it. This will increase your content ROI.

On-demand content is becoming very successful even in business communication and it’s essential that you make the most out of your recorded webinars and webcasts.

We give you some ideas and tips in order to promote your content:


Use your blog


If you are already using blogs to engage your community you might want to transform your on-demand video content into a blog. You can write a summary of the event with all the talking points and lead to the video for more information. The reverse is also true, try to grow your blog followers by promoting it during your live video events. This will only boost the engagement from your audience.


Use social media


Social media is very fond of videos. On platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, engagement rates are higher for video content. You can also use part of your digital event in order to promote it on other social media channels such as Instagram. Make sure to post content that will engage your audience and make them want more from your brand. Try to work with a social media calendar in order to be more consistent.

In a B2B environment, you can use LinkedIn sponsored ads to target a specific audience with your video content. By segmenting precisely you can increase engagement rates and ROI on your video content. It’s also a great place to ‘tag’ your presenters and encourage them to share to their networks!

In order to make the experience even more unique for the audience, try and develop a standalone landing page in order to be more specific and to be able to measure better your webinar performance.


Think about the future


When you are working a big piece of video content, you can extract some parts of the content in order to create trailers or sneak peeks into what’s coming. This can build excitement for your future content.

These kinds of actions can also help your audience to know what to expect and manage expectations for prospects. You can use this format in your customer emails, your event webpage and other channels in order to get maximum traction.

What are you waiting for? Start distributing your on-demand content today and reap the rewards!

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