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From two-day conferences to global product launches

Ever attended a live event and wondered how valuable it would be if you could access it virtually once it was over? Or perhaps you turn up to conferences and constantly find yourself having to choose between which session you will attend… wait a minute, you paid to attend the event, so why shouldn’t you have access to all the content available?

To stream, or not to stream

Hybrid Events add a virtual component to face to face events, allowing your attendees to access your content online and from any device. They also provide you with the opportunity to extend the life of your content, increase sponsorship opportunities, access a wider pool of speakers and measure your return on investment with advanced reporting and tracking features.

However, no two events are the same, and it is recommended that entire day conferences aren’t streamed online for virtual attendees. It’s important that you consider your venue, audience and content when choosing the setup of your Hybrid Event.


Keynote Presentations

Keynotes are usually delivered at the beginning of a conference and in most cases, by an industry expert with a standout reputation. These are the most commonly streamed presentations at a conference as they entice a large audience.


Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions are perfect for streaming as they are highly engaging and interactive for both face to face and virtual delegates.
Most Panel Discussions involve a facilitator which makes it easy to pose questions to the panel.


Live Video Feeds

Choosing speakers for your event should not be restricted by geographical location. Live Video Feeds allow you to stream a speaker into your conference from any location. All they need is access to a computer, stable internet connection and a webcam.


Engaging your Online Viewers

For most, the success of any online event depends on the engagement experienced by virtual attendees. How did they find the overall experience? Did they pay attention the entire time or did they feel somewhat disconnected?

While each and every audience is different, it’s important to understand which interactive features are available and how they can be incorporated into your Hybrid Event.

PowerPoint Presentations: Slides can be shown beside a camera feed for information sessions or can be placed around the feed for a ‘picture in picture’ effect.

Q&A Chat Box: Questions are submitted via the chat box and the facilitator/presenter can then read them via a tablet and respond

Documents Folder: Upload links to PDFs, slides and websites to the live Documents Folder. This will allow online participants to download materials relevant to the presentation.

Polling: Ask for, receive and share feedback in a live environment. Polling allows those online to play a part in the overall experience.

Live Video: Video clips can be played in-between presentations to increase the feeling of ‘really being there’. These also provide great options for Sponsors to showcase their products and support

When your message matters most...

Running a Hybrid Event can be daunting, especially when it comes to liaising with venues and technical producers.

With Redback, all events are completely managed – meaning you can focus on the more important elements of your event. 


Redback - your ultimate Hybrid Event partner

From the beginning, you will work closely with your Customer Success Manager to help you achieve your ultimate setup, style and overall event goals.

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Venue Management

We have relationships with major venues across Australia – we will liaise with them to organise internet, connections and streaming options.


Back-up Studio Options

Need to stream speakers in from various locations? We have broadcast studios across Australia to help with all your streaming needs.

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