The Essentials of Investor Relations Webcasts

Investor Relations Webcasts


Ineffective business communication can be a problem when you are dealing with investors and you don’t want to risk the relationship you have with them. In the current environment you can have a risk free communication by using managed investor relations (IR) webcasts.


What is an IR webcast?


Thanks to this medium, you can broadcast content from your CFO and CEO to investors and potential investors online.


Why should you switch to IR webcasts?


With a managed IR webcast solution, you don’t have to focus on the technicality of the IR call and you remove a major barrier to failure. By trusting a delivery team to focus on that for you, you can focus on your content.

By trusting a specialised team to manage your IR webcast you also gain control. We can pre-screen and filter questions from your IR webcast so that you and your presenters aren’t caught off guard.

With our unique pin system, you can identify your attendees without making them wait. This offers a more streamlined process.


For which company are IR webcasts for?


From our experience, any company that is publicly-listed can benefit from IR webcasts.


What are the types of IR webcasts possible?


The first type of IR webcast is the fully remote one. With this type of event, your CEO and management team connect into an event from a remote location like a boardroom and communicate with the investors through this channel. This type of event can be managed and moderated by an external operator.

The second type is a hybrid form. Your team is live-streaming from a centralised location to the audience which is usually remote. Our team provides with onsite support to guarantee the live stream quality.

Finally, we can offer a studio webcast. In this type of event you come to one of our studios and we take care of everything except the content.

Why trust our team for your IR?


We are proudly Australian-owned and operated. This means that our tech infrastructure is hosted in the country and our support team is in Australia as well.

We don’t only focus on the presenters; we also provide end-user support. This means that your attendees can also enjoy our support if they run into problems. You don’t have to worry and solve the issues that might arise since our team takes care of it.

Attendees do not have to queue for attendance checks as their contact details are already collected.

On the market we are unique since we are the only ones to provide dedicated webcast studios with professional equipment. We have a range of different studios across Australia with our main studios in Sydney CBD and Melbourne CBD.


What’s included in our IR package?


We offer completely customisable packages for your IR needs. We can offer a large range of event types like a webcast solution, a studio solution, schedule marketing campaigns, and much more. You just need to focus on the content, and we do the rest.

With our package, we provide event management, call moderation, end-user support, marketing, web streaming, recording, transcription and replay. This is completely hassle-free for you and guarantees a high-quality event. Call us today using 1800 733 416 for your IR webcast needs.

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