Video : Marketing Communications Hacks

Marketing Communications


Marketers regard webinars as a key part of their marketing and communications mix, they are a great medium for everything from attracting and nurturing leads, to increasing customer engagement and retention. Through effective marketing communication you are representing the voice of a company and its brands that enables it to have a dialogue, and build relationships with consumers.

Here are 3 hacks to attract and convert leads to customers with webinars.

Hack 1 – Is your customer engagement falling?

The job doesn’t stop once you’ve converted your prospect into a sale. Share valuable insights and best-practice with your customers, and allow them to ask questions without the expense of one-to-one communications. Boost engagement and reduce churn.

Hack 2 – Do you need to acquire more leads?

Utilise our feature-rich managed webinars to attract and engage your audience and accelerate pipeline growth. Our expert technical support team provides peace of mind whether you’re streaming live from our broadcast studios or providing webinars on-demand.

Hack 3 – Can’t effectively measure ROI?

Track attendees and utilise our analytics platform to understand exactly how engaged your audience is. Connect your webinar registrations to your marketing automation and CRM systems to measure the total return on your webinar marketing investment.

Go beyond the technology, if you have the application, chances are we’ve got the solution. Get in touch for more information about our webinar & webcast solutions by using 1800 733 416.

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