Video: Member Engagement Hacks

Member Engagement


A Lot of Associations feel the pressure when it comes to delivering value. With a managed webinar program you can put subject matter experts in front of thousands of members cost-effectively and let us handle the technology.

Here are some hacks to create broadcast-quality multimedia assets in our studios and build a library of engaging content that will not only attract new and younger members, but keep them coming back for more.

Hack 1 – Event Attendance Down?

Not everyone can attend live events. Make sure your members have access to your subject matter experts with a webinar program shot in our broadcast studios. Our feature-rich platform enables you to offer multimedia and interactive content, live and on-demand.

Hack 2 – Training Resources Stretched?

Small teams can offer high-quality video webinars without the stress of filming and editing with our fully managed services. Extend your existing education program without putting a strain on your team and make webinars one of your go-to channels.

Hack 3 – Looking to Modernise?

Younger generations expect professional video content at their fingertips. Create your own panel TV shows in our broadcast studios and bring your association content into the modern era. Use analytics to track engagement and deliver more of what works.

Go beyond the technology, if you have the application, chances are we’ve got the solution. Get in touch for more information about our webinar and webcast solutions by calling us 1800 733 416.

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