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How to make them work

With webinars and webcasts becoming more commonplace, many are turning to more relaxed online formats and to mix up their online content strategy. Online Talk Shows have risen in popularity due to their short, snackable format, and their ability to provide thought provoking content.

These webcasts are traditionally shorter, snackable online events which are delivered in a much more relaxed format. They are usually held at the same time, on the same day of the month and a host or moderator will be used to guide the content and ensure the format flows.

With Online Talk Shows, video is queen – meaning any slides or graphics are secondary. This means broadcast studios are perfect for delivering these types of events as crystal clear video, behind the scenes producers and a sleek finalised product is a must!


Making Online Talk Shows Work

Video is queen when it comes to these types of events – slides are usually secondary to the panel of presenters and using a high quality broadcast studio is definitely recommended.


Choose your Panel

Speakers who have natural chemistry and an engaging moderator is a must. Consider a panel of at least two speakers with one host, and don’t rule out those in your own organisation – you may have a star in the making!


Think High Production

Whether you decide on a panel or a more relaxed seating option, filming from a broadcast studio and using high definition video is a must. You want your panel to focus on their content and a producer to manage the rest.

Consider your format

Break up each episode into segments and keep them consistent through each series. Consider theme songs, transitions and ways to incorporate questions from your online audience via social media or platform features.


How can Redback help you create an Online Talk Show?

Venturing into new territory means that you’ll no doubt need support. We’ve worked with many organisations to create live and on demand talk shows that create engagement and generate highly qualified leads. Here’s how we can help:

Australia-wide Studio Hire: State-of-the-art technology, customisable green screens and a full production crew – we have everything you need to record high-definition Online Talk Shows!

Live and Pre-Recorded Content: Let us work with you to create live and pre-recorded footage based on your requirements. We can also edit your footage to insert motion graphics, music and multimedia files. 

On demand Hosting: Host all your episodes online with our On Demand Hosting options. Continue to collect attendee information, track views and duration and access reporting when you want it!

Ready to create top of funnel content online?

Learn more about creating your own Online Talk Shows by speaking with one of our experts. We can help you put together your content and format, while providing you with cost effective solutions on recording and studio hire. 

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