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We could give you all the collaboration tools in the world, but if you aren’t comfortable using them, what would be the point? To us, it’s about more than just giving you the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate it’s about informing, educating and inspiring so that you’re getting the most out of your webcasts.

Our range of inspirational content is created with you in mind and comes directly from our customers – their feedback and experiences. Take a look at our useful guides, eye opening reports and explore the possibilities!


    Looking to run your first webcast?

    - Live vs on-demand webcasts
    - The challenges and solutions
    - Choosing the right provider


    Presenting on camera for the first time?

    - Tips on what to wear
    - Engaging through the lense
    - Keeping your audience online


    Tips for creating compelling content

    - C is for Creation
    - P is for Promotion
    - R is for Recycle


    Looking to stream your physical event?

    - How to get started
    - Tips for avoiding cannibalisation
    - Hosting options available


    Looking to promote your webcast?

    - Gain maximum exposure
    - Tips for gaining registrations
    - How to calculate your ROI


    Research straight from our community

    - The best time/day to webcast
    - Creating engagement
    - Why people join webcasts
    - What people want/don't want


    Tips for Social Marketing

    - Top 3 Social Media platforms
    - How to create sticky topics
    - Your Marketing Timeline


    Making money from your webcasts

    - How to target the right sponsor
    - Creating a sponsorship prospectus
    - Case Studies


    A guide on what NOT to do

    - Marketing Tips
    - Increasing interaction
    Importance of presenter training

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