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COVID has seen a massive change in behaviour over the past 6 months. This is especially true when considering the growth in webinars and online events we’ve seen. If you were considering those in your marketing mix, now is the perfect time to launch these kinds of events. Your brand will surely benefit from it.

In a fierce competitive market, it’s crucial to get your brand noticed any way you can. Our professional webinar studios are the perfect service in order to get a highly professional webinar program off the ground.

Studio webinars can be considered for a number of formats. Single-person presentations, one-on-one interviews, panel discussions, debates, online TV shows and many others.

Studio webinars will have a long list of advantages over regular webinars. Not only will this kind of service look great this will also help your brand stand out. In a controlled and managed studio, it is easier to put your brand at the front of mind of your audience without having to battle against the usual online presentation hassles: internet connection, audio and video quality.

We have listed the many ways in which studio webinars will support your brand.


1. You don’t need to worry about technology


When you invest time, money, and energy in a webinar program you don’t want to waste it on average or poor-quality finish. As a reflection of your brand, you want a webinar to look as good as possible.

It’s usually difficult to achieve good quality with free options such as Zoom because you have to manage everything on your own and you don’t have influence on all the elements that make a great webinar. Internet connection can drop in and out, webcams can be bad and microphones can have a hard time catching the sound without interference.

When using a studio webinar, you pay for all the professional equipment that comes with it. Professional lighting and multiple high-definition cameras which make a massive difference at the end. We can set any number of angles to film different shots during your webinar which brings variety.

With a studio webinar service, you also have access to a dedicated technician which will make sure to deliver high-quality events. We can manage complex events, such as switching to remote presenters and including multiple pre-recorded segments.

Producers are specially trained to guide and assist you during the presentation with a chat contact. They are the ones who show the slides for you, launch polls and play pre-recorded videos if needed.

All our studios have high speed broadband connections and we always trust high speed landlines to maximise security. We also have built-in redundancy to remove concerns about internet connectivity. This means that you don’t even have to worry about internet connection.

Even for remote presenters, we try to guide them as good as possible. We think that your technology provider should be able to provide local support if you are having connectivity issues. Teleconferencing providers are usually able to dial-in remote presenters whose connection have dropped out.


2. You are set for maximum impact


Studio webinars have a far larger variety of ways to film you and your presenters than remote webinars. You don’t need to work with a backdrop about 1m2 in size which is usually only possible with webcams. You can also customise the studio so that it perfectly reflects your branding.

We can also change the furniture in the studio according to the different formats you might want. For panel discussion we usually bring in desks and office chairs whereas for informal discussions or Q&A presentations we tend to bring in couches of soft chairs which will reflect the style of presentation you want.


3. You can display your brand how you like it


We have a setup to ensure that the webinar reflects your brand. This setup will include on-screen real estate, backgrounds and slides.

For the on-screen real estate, we usually try to work with our customers to have a webinar platform that is reflecting their corporate livery and logo. We can also work with the sponsors you may have to integrate them as well. During your webinar, you should be able to include downloadable resources and lead-generating CTA’s to lead back to your corporate website.

For the backgrounds, we offer a large variety of options thanks to our green screen technology. A green screen is a visual effects technique common in digital film-making where two images or video streams are layered together, enabling you to replace the green wall behind your presenters with a background that reflects the positioning, location, logo or colours of your brand.

For your slides we can offer consulting because we have a lot of experience in this field. We know that the message needs to be put across clearly. Attendees need to feel engaged during the presentation to make a connection with your brand.

The way you integrate your presenters during the webinar should depend on the audience. For attendees that will stream your webinar on a mobile device we usually recommend a full-screen video layout. It puts your presenters front and centre, while information appears superimposed over the top. The slides are usually shown at intervals but are not always shown during the presentation. The emphasis is put on the presenters.

For webinars with complex topics or technical topics we usually recommend having slides plus video. The two appear together for more chances to digest the content in its entirety.

Whichever way you choose to display your slides, ensure the look and feel — particularly your title slide, end slide, holding slides and transitional slides — reflect your brand or event colours.


4. You can use professional short form videos


The amazing value with high-quality studio webinars is that you are producing video content that you can reuse at the same time. Think about your webinar and separate the biggest parts in chapters so that you can use short form videos to complement your broader brand and content strategy.

Studio webinars give you a professional look and staging to your short-form videos and you can add intro and outro segments to these videos and use them separately this way. hosts more than 200 studio events a month from our state-of-the-art broadcast studios in Sydney and Melbourne, and we partner with studios in Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

If we can help you manage your next webinar or virtual event, call us today on 1800 733 416!

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