Video: Top tips for making webcasts more engaging

Top tips for making webcasts more engaging

So how can you make sure your webcasts are interactive and engaging?

Firstly, choose your speakers wisely. Always make sure they are comfortable presenting on camera, and they are well prepared. Our research shows that passion and enthusiasm make for engaging speakers. So make sure they are excited to be part of your online program.

Secondly, make sure you understand the interactive features available within the platform, and use them wisely. Refrain from using all tools and bombarding your online audience, instead – stick to 3 features at a time, such as chat, polling and Q&A sessions.

This will ensure your audience stays engaged while also remaining attentive to your speaker.

And thirdly, use a moderator or facilitator or host. Whatever you call them, the role of your host is to keep your webcast on track, sometimes interview your speaker, and collate all questions coming from your online audience. They are the unsung heroes of webcasts and can make a huge difference to your next event.

There you have it, an overview on how you can benefit from webcasts. Whatever you’re thinking of webcasting, always reach out to the professionals for support and guidance.

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