Terrific Town Halls

Powerful Communications in times of change

Engage and motivate employees and stakeholders with a live streamed interactive Town Hall or All Hands webcast.

Clearly communicate your message without worrying about network congestion.

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Build a shared sense of purpose across distance

With one in three employees working from home, it can be hard to bring teams and stakeholders together. Secure, virtual Town-Hall meetings that allow you to share news and objectives without disrupting your network are the perfect solution.


Accessibility and Immediacy

Time zones and geographic locations are no barrier to online communications that facilitate direct communications with your audience, live or on-demand. Include a teleconferencing option to reach regional, rural or mobile workforces.


Interactive and Engaging

Take questions from the audience over private or public chat to create engagement. Take the pulse of your attendees with live online polls. Establish feedback channels over secure webcasts with full control.


Measurable Results Instantly

Track attendance numbers and engagement throughout your webcast to improve stakeholder relations and team morale. Make your webcast available on demand to reach a wider audience at their convenience.

Who should hold a Town Hall?

Whether you’re communicating with staff, engaging stakeholders with a public policy announcement or liaising with your community about a new project, a virtual Town Hall can connect you directly with your constituents.


Internal All-Hands Meetings

Whether you’re making an announcement, planning an end-of-year company address, or holding regular half-yearly, quarterly, or more frequent updates, All-Hands meetings and Town Halls let you check in with your team wherever they’re located.


Public Policy Announcements

Make a local announcement, involve the community, and take it on the road virtually, without the risk of face-to-face meetings. Communicate directly with your constituents without the filter of mainstream media.


Community Consultations

Physical events may be limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t consult your community in a COVID-safe way. Virtual Town Halls enable organisations to engage directly with stakeholders and facilitate two-way communications.

Take your Town Halls to the next level

Redback can help you maintain the highest production standards in your Town Hall events, making them as formal or as interactive as you like, with customised staging and a variety of delivery options, including live, pre-recorded and on-demand.


Studio Broadcasts

Give CEO updates, major announcements, global addresses and strategic updates all the polish and gravitas required with a customised background and staging, professional lighting and optional autocue.


Location of your Choice

Stream live from your office or your chosen external venue. Redback’s professional production staff will film and deliver the event without compromising network or broadcast quality


Remote Roadshows

Time zones and location are no barrier when it comes to remote speakers for your event. A blend of pre-recorded and live video, backed by Redback’s local support and professional advice, will ensure a smooth delivery.

Eliminate Network Congestion with Enterprise Streaming

Large-scale company updates and Town Halls can disrupt your network and create a poor viewing experience by causing a spike in internet usage. 


Redback’s Enterprise Streaming solution scales easily to meet demand, using safe, secure peer-to-peer technology within the network to eliminate congestion — with no hardware or software downloads required.

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Ready to engage your constituents virtually?

Reach out to discover how you can create engaging, high-quality virtual Town Hall events that combine interactivity with security across distance.

Redback’s professional delivery team will handle the technical issues and ensure a smooth streaming experience wherever your audience is located.

Online Managed Webinars start from $1,499

Studio Webinars start from $2,499

Peer-to-peer streaming is available on all events

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