Video: Webcast Platform Features – What are they and how to use them

Webcast Platform Features - what are they and should you use them

When you are running a webcast, there is a number of engagement tools that you can use to engage with your participants. You don’t need to use all these tools because you should only use these tools if you are going to look at the data coming from those tools.

What can you use on our platform during your live event?

Looking at the webcast page you have a number of different elements. The video player on the right and the slides on the left. At the top of this page, you have different widgets that can be used during your live event or on-demand.

The first widget you can use is the slide thumbnail widget. During your recording this is great to use because people can use this to navigate through your slides to fast-forward through the video.

During your live event, two ways to get engagement up is to either use the live chat feature or the one-way ask a question feature. While the live chat is unmoderated and great for community discussions, a one-way question is moderated and you can have a dedicated person looking at these questions and submitting them to your speaker.

You can also add resources that can be downloadable by the audience. You can add links to other websites, resources in PDF format, links to gated content and many more.

On our platform you can also use the feedback widget. This can be an exit survey which is great to collect data during your event.

During live events only, you can also push a poll in order for you to collect directly data or feedback.

Our webcast page is customisable by the viewers on their own time and they can choose to concentrate more on the slide view or on the video.

There you have it, an overview on how you can use the webcast platform to get more engagement from your audience. Whatever you’re thinking of webcasting, always reach out to the professionals for support and guidance.

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