Webinar feedback tools help you understand your audience better

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In your marketing strategy, a big part of the success is knowing your audience. You need to understand the demographics, interests, concerns of your audience in order to deliver the right message and product.

Most webinar organisers focus on the data collected during the registration process. But there are other opportunities during your webinar to collect data.

In our experience you can use webinar feedback tools in 4 different ways in order to know your audience better and improve your webinar performance.


Webinar polling


You can use polls during your webinar to increase engagement but it’s also a great tool to get feedback from your audience.

The main downside when using polls is that you can only gather general information since polls are often multiple choice questions.


Webinar surveys


We are using so called in-room surveys during webinars in order to increase response rates and get immediate feedback from attendees.

You can develop these surveys before the start of your webinar and plan when to use them according to your content or agenda. A good practice we can share is to launch a webinar survey five minutes before the end of the event in order to get more feedback.

These types of surveys can be used to gather feedback about the event itself but also to ask the attendees about information they would like to know for future webinars.


Post-webinar surveys


After your webinar is over, it is possible to redirect the attendees to a final landing page. This is usually the perfect moment to ask them final feedback questions.

Surveys done after an event are better suited to get answers for more precise questions and are usually longer. The qualitative nature of such surveys can be used to find out about specific interests/concerns, the buying journey stage of customers but also customer needs for specific product or services.


Webinar chat box and Q&A sessions


Our webinar platform can integrate a chat box that can be used to dig into a more specific topic with your audience. During a chat question you will be in a better position to understand the why and the how of a particular topic. Our chat transcripts can be exported 24 hours after the end of the event so that you always keep a record of the discussion you had with your attendees.

Q&A sessions are also a great tool to increase engagement during your webinar. Usually used at the end of the event, you can find out company specific and individual concerns and how to answer these concerns.

There you have it—four exciting ways to collect information from your audience during a webinar!

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