Video: What are webcasts and how can they be used?

What are webcasts and how do they work

You’ve probably heard of webcasts before, but what are they and how do they work?

A webcast is a media presentation distributed over the internet using media technology – think of it as broadcasting over the internet.

Unlike webinars, webcasts are predominantly one way streams, but they do allow online attendees to interact through chat and Q&A sessions. Webcasts are also delivered over a Content Delivery Network – which means they are built to scale up to thousands.

So how can you benefit from webcasts?

Consider live streaming your next physical event and allow your attendees to watch your event from anywhere.

Host a studio webcast and setup panel discussions or fireside chats where you can debate topical events, interview experts, or even host virtual awards nights.

Looking to engage internal stakeholders?

Town Halls, corporate communications and product launches, are also common applications for webcasting.

There you have it, an overview on how you can benefit from webcasts. Whatever you’re thinking of webcasting, always reach out to the professionals for support and guidance.

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