What is an Online Talk Show?

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People are in general time poor and have a lot of different topics to deal with at the same time. It is therefore important to think about this issue when organising online events that aim at educating, promoting or engaging with people.

In our experience, Online TV Shows are a great way to make better use of the time that audiences are giving you.

We want to give you some tips on how you can plan your own show in order to get ahead of the competition.


Timing is important


Data from our own research tells us that people prefer to watch webinars for no longer than 30 to 45 minutes. In terms of frequency, the occurrence of once a month is preferred.

The best way to make your Online Talk Show more convenient for your audience is to make them shorter but to have them more frequently. You would divide a large topic into multiple smaller webinar topics.

Shorter is better because you can focus on entertaining content that will engage your audience. Our Six Degrees of Association Talk Show ran for 22 minutes and was held every Tuesday at 12:22.

Don’t hesitate to collect feedback and data from your target audience to tailor the show to their preferred date and time of day.


Casual and relaxed is better


Online Talk Shows are more informal events by nature and it’s important to keep it relaxed and casual while recording. Even though preparing and rehearsing is important, you need to watch for the overall feel of your show.

In an online environment you have to evolve in your presentation without physical queues you might have when presenting in a physical event. During physical events you have feedback every step of the way in how your audience is behaving. As a presenter you can react to these physical clues and adapt your presentation style.

It’s difficult but you can break through the technology barrier and engage people in conversation. If your style is too scripted and too stiff you will risk disengaging your audience.

If you choose to go ahead with a talk show, it’s crucial to think about hot topics and content that triggers lively debates.

Our advice is to be aware of current topics, have general guidelines and think about your show more as a discussion than a set presentation. This will help you get the relax style you need for this kind of presentation.


The format gives structure


The format of your show is like the agenda on a meeting, it helps the event to have a nice flow and it makes the expectations clear for everyone.

Here’s an example for a standard online talk show format:


Opening – Theme song

Intro – What is happening in your industry? Are there movements in HR?

Segment 1 – What’s Hot and What’s Not

Segment 2 – Customer feedback/Social mentions

Segment 3 – Guest Interview

Segment 4 – This time last year

Segment 5 – Close – Theme Song


With your format set, you can work on a timeline and complete each episode with ease. Details such as theme songs, graphics and other visual cues will help your transition between segments during the show.


Think about on-demand


In today’s technological field, you don’t even need to live stream to have the live effect. During our online talk show, we always pre-recorded the episodes and then streamed them live to our audience. This helped us gather all the presenters coming from different parts of the country and work on the episodes.

By pre-recording you give yourself more flexibility in the production of your event because you can edit some parts. But during our show we tried to use one take for each episode by keeping the blunders and the small mistakes because this is what keeps the show entertaining and human.

Pretending to be live is also better for the sake of the presentation. When you are preparing for a live coverage you concentrate much harder. Try to make the best out of the presentation and if you stumble, make a simple joke out of it and move on. Working like that makes your content production faster because there will be less work on post production.


Passion is important


In our experience, the passion shown by your presenters is very important to the overall quality of it. In your own show you can try and interview high-profile people that are passionate about the topic at hand and insert those during your episodes.

When dedicating such time, money and effort into a show series, you need to have passion for it otherwise it’s difficult to justify doing.


How can I Host my Online TV Show?


Your main options in terms of hosting your TV show are between free and paid. The free options will usually be User Generated Content platforms whereas paid options will be Software-as-a-Service providers. Both are interesting in their own right but a list of pros and cons can help you choose the best solution for you.

Video Hosting Platforms: software-as-a-service (SaaS Vendors)

These platforms are better suited for high profile content because they give you more possibility to customise your content hosting.

The pros of these platforms are linked to the branding opportunities they give you. This will help you get more exposure as well as your sponsors. These type of hosting options have also superior tracking capabilities especially by linking registration data with your database. You can also track data such as who watches your video, their duration and even behaviour.

These providers often give you the possibility for dynamic viewing. You can therefore organise each video and present the most related videos based on what your attendees watch. This is particularly useful when working on multiple events.

You can also have more marketing opportunities by using these types of hosting providers because you can include calls to action, downloadable information and links back to your website.

The cons of these platforms is of course the cost behind it. In saying this, their popularity and recent improvements in technology mean that they are relatively affordable and will suit most budgets. These hosting providers usually attract less people than free platforms and your reach and exposure can be lower. This is not as important if you are hosting for paid or members only audience.

Video Hosting Platforms: User Generated Content (UGC sites)

These providers are very popular for general video hosting and can give you massive exposure. You can use those providers to embed videos into your own website, expand potential viewers and increase your online presence.

The pros for these platforms is that it’s completely free. The money you can save on this can give you more possibilities to promote your content on other channels for instance. On some providers such as YouTube, you can easily create you own customisable channel to communicate on your own URL and put your own branding forward.

Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube alone. This proves how massive your reach can be by using these providers. Not every viewers is a qualified lead but it increases your chances to reach the right target. These providers make it easy to use their hosting platform which will same you time in implementation.

The cons of these platforms is that you don’t get that much usable information from their tracking. The reports are minimal and more general. Some of those free platforms are restricting the duration, number of videos and upload size of each video which makes it harder to get your own content online. Branding options are very limited and can reflect poorly on your image depending on your audience. In the beginning especially, it’s difficult to control the flow of video content that will be shows to your audience after yours is finished. You might have a video coming that you don’t your brand to be associated with and you cannot control it.




Even if the technology is intimidating, an Online TV Show can be a good solution to produce quality content for your audience. You have to trust the experts around you, plan and present the best you can so that your content can be engaging.

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