Scale your Live Event with a YouTube Simulcast

Social streaming made simple

Make your live virtual event or webcast publicly accessible to as many viewers as you like by simulcasting it live to YouTube!

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Amplify your webcast with social streaming and sharing

Leverage the world’s biggest video sharing website and the growing popularity of live video by simulcasting your Redback webcast live on YouTube and combine the immediacy of a live event with the scale of YouTube.

Reach bigger Audience

Reach a bigger audience with live video

With more than 15 million Australians accessing YouTube each month, it’s easy — and free — to simulcast your Redback webcast or webinar on the social sharing website, broadening your reach and potentially increasing leads.

Integrate your Live Stream

Integrate your live stream on your site

Easily embed your live stream on your own website using YouTube’s automatically generated code. With 81% of people preferring to watch a live video over reading a blog, live streaming video will boost engagement.

Cost-effective customisation

Cost-effective customisation

It’s free to stream and brand your YouTube channel — and if you choose to upgrade to access additional features, costs are minimal. Create your own branded live TV channel without the cost of creating additional content by simulcasting your Redback event.

Youtube Simulcasting

How does YouTube simulcasting work?

Webcasts and webinars are usually simulcast on YouTube in conjunction with a Redback stream. Create an event on your corporate YouTube channel and Redback will stream your webcast or webinar content into that event.

Easily embed that live stream on your website to boost engagement with prospects and customers. Access social amplification and feed comments back to your live event when you simulcast your Redback live video stream to YouTube.

Ready to reach a wider audience with a YouTube simulcast?

Learn more about simulcasting your Redback webcasts and webinars live on YouTube and your other social channels, maximising reach, engagement and conversion and amplifying your brand without the cost of creating new content. Reach out to speak to a Redback customer sales representative.

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